Stakeholders’ Group

The aim of this group is to involve, inform, discuss and get feedback from the project’s stakeholders. In order to achieve this aim the Stakeholders Group is an integral part of the whole project enabling them to monitor all parts of the project at the different stages in the project. The Stakeholders Group is an important element in the quality assurance of the project.

The Stakeholders Group is chaired by

  • ACA, the Academic Cooperation Association,

an important body within the field of internationalisation of higher education. ACA will be assisted by

  • DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service .

The Stakeholder Group further consists of representatives of other organisations focussing on internationalisation in higher education

  • European Association for International Education (EAIE),
  • the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education (Nuffic),
  • The German Rectors’ Conference (HRK),
  • Centre for Higher Education (CHE)

and representatives of the main European higher education stakeholder organisations

  • European University Association (EUA),
  • European Students Union (ESU),
  • European association of Higher Education Institutions (EURASHE)

In addition, the higher education institutions included as associate partners take part in the Stakeholder Group.

This ensures that the content of the project is rooted in the needs and wishes of experts on the field. Within the time span of the project, the Stakeholders Group will meet two times and take part in the Good Practices in Internationalisation Workshop. In between meetings the Stakeholders Group is given updates on the project activities via a newsletter and a dedicated project website. The Stakeholders Group  provides feedback on all the work packages and deliverables. The Stakeholders Group  focuses in more detail on the proposed methodology, the pilot procedures and their outcomes, and plays a key role in the Good Practices in Internationalisation Workshop.

Because of the high demand, the Stakeholder Group will also produce a report on how to define and assess international and intercultural learning outcomes. This report can then be included in the final Assessment Framework as a guideline for the programmes and institutions to be assessed.

Through the feedback of the Stakeholders Group the project activities can be adjusted to the real needs of European higher education stakeholders. The appointment of a Stakeholders Group thus provides the project with a close link to the actual situation of higher education stakeholders and ensures that the project is continuously evaluated by an outside party.