Pilot procedures

The project consortium have tested the developed methodology in pilot procedures across Europe. Each quality assurance agency in the consortium has undertaken one procedure. There were pilot procedures at the institutional, faculty/school and programme level.

The developed Frameworks for the Assessment of Quality in internationalisation have been put to the test in actual assessment procedures. All the procedures kicked off with the selection of experts that became members of the expert panels. It is the expert panel that in reality assesses a programme or institution and writes an assessment report. Suggestions for experts were received via the partners, the stakeholders and via an open form on our project website. From all these suggestions, a pool of experts consisting of four chairs, four experts and four student was composed. Each of these have taken part in three procedures. The whole group, including procedure coordinators of partners, was trained during a Panel Members Day. Both the training and the use of a pool of experts has contributed to the overall consistency in the assessments (judgements).

The project partners invited institutions or programmes to volunteer or approached institutions or programmes to take part in the pilot procedure. Each of the volunteering programmes/institutions filled in a form to give an idea of their vision on internationalisation and their potential contribution to testing the methodology. The Steering Group selected the programmes and institutions that have taken part in a pilot procedure. The aim of the selection was that various types (institutions) and disciplines (programmes) would be included in the sample.

The results of the assessments were laid down in assessment reports. These assessment reports and the evaluation of the piloted methodology by panel members, assessed programmes/institutions and coordinating agencies were used to by the Stakeholders Group to revisit the methodology.