ECA receives its regular income from membership contributions. Each member agency makes an annual contribution of EUR 4,000. In addition, there is the possibility for agencies that do not meet the ECA membership criteria to participate as observers in the meetings of ECA. These observers pay an annual fee of EUR 2,000.

ECA may also participate in projects funded by the European Commission or other sponsors.


The Board of ECA may appoint one of its members as Treasurer.

  • Luut Kroes, NVAO (Netherlands).

Financial Committee

As of 2014 the annual accounts of ECA are audited by the Financial Committee, comprising two members from ECA (excluding Board members) who are elected yearly at the General Meeting of the Association. The members of the actual Financial Committee are:

  • Luis Velón: ACSUG
  • Craig Thompson: The-ICE

The first annual report of the Association ECA covers the period from the founding date 15 April 2014 until the end of 2014. From 2015 onwards the reporting period covers calendar years (from 1 January until 31 December).

Prior to 2014, the annual accounts of ECA were externally audited. You can download the previous annual accounts below.

  1. Annual accounts 2013
  2. Annual accounts 2012
  3. Annual accounts 2011
  4. Annual accounts 2010
  5. Annual accounts 2009
  6. Annual accounts 2008
  7. Annual accounts 2007