Training experts for quality assurance: lessons learned.

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Front page of the publication.
Front page of the publication

Full title
Training Experts for Quality Assurance: Lessons Learned.
The results of the E-TRAIN Pilot Trainings.

No matter how competently the quality standards, frameworks and procedures are composed – if the experts are not conversant with the application of these standards, the quality of the procedure might suffer. This publication includes a summary of the experiences and achievements acquired through the various pilot sessions during the E-TRAIN project. Chapter 2 provides a general overview on the actual status quo of training practices within agencies. Chapter 3 summarizes the trainings actually delivered within the E-TRAIN projects. Since the handbook first and foremost deals with the aspect of how to train experts undertaking external quality procedures, a second publication - The Handbook for Training of Experts - provides guidance for preparing trainings for expert panel members. With this Handbook the author Gillian King, who was also a trainer in the pilot sessions for quality assurance agency staff members, provides a valuable guidance for preparing trainings for expert panel members.

Authors: Mark Frederiks & Stephanie Zwiessler & Maria E. Weber.

Frederiks, M., Weber, M., Zwiessler, S. (2012). Assessment Framework for Joint Programmes in Single Accreditation Procedures. ECA Occasional Paper. The Hague. Download


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