Just published: the joint programme checklist

This publication aims to present what quality assurance agencies have learnt from assessing joint programmes. The presentation takes the form of a checklist since this makes the information easily accessible and digestible. The checklist intends to … read more

ECA is now an association

On 15th April 2014 ECA has become an association. The incorporation took place in The Hague at the notary's office BarentsKrans. c The member agencies ANECA (Spain) and AHPGS (Germany) acted as incorporators. Thirteen agencies have already signed up as … read more

APQN gives award to ECA

At the APQN Conference 2014 in Hanoi an award was given to ECA to underline the partnership between the Asia-Pacific Quality Network and ECA. Both networks signed a Memorandum of Cooperation  in 2013. At the … read more

CNA Regional Meetings 2013: focus on Internationalisation

The presented document (in Spanish) is the outcome of Regional Meetings 2013 organised by the National Council for Accreditation of Colombia (CNA). c From July through October 2013, the National Council for Accreditation of Colombia (CNA) in the … read more

Costa Rican agency SINAES joins MULTRA

The National Accreditation System of Higher Education (SINAES) of Costa Rica enters the Multilateral Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Accreditation Results regarding Joint Programmes (MULTRA). On 19 March 2014 in San José (Costa Rica) Sonia Marta Mora, the President of SINAES, … read more

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