On Tuesday 9th December 2014 NVAO and ECA are co-organising  a winter seminar in The Hague. This year’s theme of the seminar is Employability and Quality Assurance.

Employability and quality assurance is a topic of continued interest throughout Europe. It features prominently in the latest European Commission’s progress report on quality assurance (QA). Whilst employability is relevant for all types of higher education institutions (HEIs), it is especially important for those institutions and study programmes that are dedicated to professional education. On 9th December 2014 NVAO and ECA will organise a seminar where the results of a recent study by CHEPS (the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies, University of Twente) will be presented. This international comparative study was commissioned by NVAO and focuses on the employability of professional bachelors’ study programmes. The seminar will also pay attention to the agenda on employability and QA as proposed by the European Commission. In parallel sessions and in a panel of stakeholders good practices will be presented and recommendations discussed. The seminar will be relevant for representatives of HEIs, QA agencies, employers, governments, and students who want to be informed on the development of employability‐related practices in HEIs and the use of effective criteria and procedures in QA.


NVAO offices, Parkstraat 28, The Hague, The Netherlands (travel guide).
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