National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education

  • The National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education (hereinafter “Accreditation Bureau”) is an independent body established by the Act No. 111/1998 Coll. (amended and consolidated) on Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Some Other Acts (Higher Education Act), as resulting from later amendments, with the authority to mainly
    • decide on accreditation of degree programmes, institutional accreditation and accreditation of the habilitation procedure and procedure for appointment of professors
    • perform audit of compliance with legal regulations in carrying out accredited activities and
    • carry out external evaluation of educational, scientific, research, development, innovation, artistic and other related activities of higher education institutions.
  • The Accreditation Bureau is located in Prague.
  • The Accreditation Bureau performs its activities in compliance with the Higher Education Act, Code of Administrative Procedures, other legal norms and this Statute of the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education.
  • The Accreditation Bureau applies the Standards for Accreditation, on which its activities are based along with with administrative consideration, with attention to relevant principles of standards for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area
  • The Accreditation Bureau provides methodical support related to issues of a quality assurance system for educational, creative and other related activities of higher education institutions and internal quality evaluation.
  • In the interest of good public service, the Accreditation Bureau cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (hereinafter “Ministry”) and possibly other relevant central bodies of public administration and bodies of representation of higher education institutions on issues within its competence that are key for the higher education system in the Czech Republic. The Accreditation Bureau cooperates, in the interest of good public service, also with other bodies of public administration, bodies of regional administration, professional chambers, employer associations and other social dialogue partners on issues related to graduates´ employability.