2015-Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation

The CeQuInt Conference – 26 & 27 February, Paris (France)
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This conference focuses on quality in internationalisation and aims to answer the most pertinent questions from a quality assurance perspective. What is considered quality in internationalisation? How can a programme or an institution self-assess its internationalisation? What here differentiates programmes from institutions? Which evidence can institutions and programmes provide to demonstrate quality in internationalisation to experts and peers? Are there any good practices and can we learn from them?

Quality assurance and internationalisation agencies have developed and tested a methodology to assess the quality of internationalisation at both the level of programmes and institutions. The overall aim was to provide a methodology to (self)-assess the quality of internationalisation in higher education and to help enhance (the quality of) internationalisation. A welcome outcome of the developed methodology is that ECA will now be able to reward good quality in internationalisation of programmes & institutions. The first Certificates for Quality in Internationalisation will be awarded at the conference. In addition, ECA will publish good practices on a newly developed internationalisation platform.