The workshop presentations

You can download all files below in one zipped package.

  1. Welcome (And where is ECA now?), Rolf Heusser, chair of ECA
  2. Accreditation and its future, Dirk van Damme, director of the cabinet of the Flemish Minister for Work, Education and Training
  3. Accreditation in international perspective, Ko Scheele, Inspectorate of Education
  4. Reaction: international devolopments in accreditation, Guy Haug
  5. Reaction: European developments in accreditation, Rolf Heusser, OAQ
  6. Report of the meeting of the Recognition Bodies, Erwin Malfroy, NARIC (Flanders)
  7. WG1: Meeting the European standards: the review of HETAC, Ian McKenna, HETAC
  8. WG1: The review of OAQ: lessons learned, Rolf Heusser, OAQ
  9. WG1: Project group ANECA-CTI-NVAO-OAQ, Jacques Beranger, CTI
  10. WG1: Cooperation NVAO-OAQ, Axel Aerden & Thérèse Steffen, NVAO & OAQ/NVAO
  11. WG1: Cooperation OAQ-CTI, Laura Beccari & René-Paul Martin, OAQ & CTI
  12. WG1: Cooperation ANECA-CTI, Rafael Llavori, ANECA
  13. WG1: Results of the survey regarding decision-making, Elisabeth Fiorioli (AAC) & Thérèse Steffen (OAQ/NVAO)
  14. WG1: Accreditation of joint degrees and programmes, Mark Frederiks, ECA/NVAO
  15. WG2: The way forward, Rafael Llavori, ANECA
  16. WG3: Results of the survey regarding the use of databases, Axel Aerden & Mark Frederiks, NVAO
  17. WG3: Presentation of the TEAM-project, Axel Aerden & Mark Frederiks, NVAO
  18. WG4: Survey regarding learning outcomes, open learning & diploma/accreditation mills, Rolf Heusser, chair ECA
  19. WG4: Results of the survey regarding learning outcomes, open learning & diploma/accreditation mills, Laura Beccari, OAQ
  20. Workshop conclusions, Rolf Heusser, chairman of ECA

The documents in the workshop folder

You can download all files below in one zipped package.

  1. Workshop programme
  2. Maps of Bruges
  3. Participants list
  4. Report: Accreditation in international perspective – Inspectorate of Education in the Netherlands
  5. Update of the cooperation map
  6. Update of the pilot projects
  7. Observation report AAC
  8. Update implementation Code of Good Practice
  9. Planning external review
  10. HETAC review
  11. Letter FHR – external review
  12. Results: Survey on decision-making
  13. Mutual recognition of accreditation results – draft 3
  14. Agenda WG 2
  15. ESIB’s response to the Information Tool
  16. Results: Survey on available data(bases)
  17. Information on TEAM project
  18. Results: 3 surveys WG 4
  19. Minutes WG 4 – 20 April 2006