e-VALUATE (2018-2020)

The project is coordinated by Nuffic. ECA is a member of the Steering Group.

Over the last few years new forms of online learning, such as MOOCs and SPOCs have mushroomed and continue to do so. The PARADIGMS project (NARIC 2016-2018 call), addressed the need for guidelines on the recognition of MOOCs and SPOCs by formulating recommendations for an evaluation format to signal and evaluate individual competences of applicants gained through alternative forms of learning. However, PARADIGMS also showed that credential evaluators need more transparency and information on online study programmes, to allow for sound decision making.

The objectives of e-VALUATE are therefore to:

  1. Provide an overview of the current state of play regarding online learning;
  2. Undertake a needs assessment of the type of information HEIs require for the recognition of MOOCs and SPOCs;
  3. Develop an Online Learning Information Tool for HEI. The Tool will include specific information on (the recognition of) online learning trajectories for refugees.
  4. Include the guidelines on the academic recognition of e-learning in the EAR and EAR HEI (e)manual.

Although the outcomes of e-VALUATE will be of broad use for the academic recognition of MOOCs and SPOCs, special focus will be on improving refugees’ access to higher education.

Target groups:
Higher education institutions (HEI), ENIC-NARIC centres, students, online education providers, policy makers, refugee organiations.

The consortium consists of the following partners:

Core team:

  • Nuffic (coordinator)
  • NARIC Norway
  • NARIC Denmark
  • NARIC Lithuania

Sub team:

  • NARIC Ireland

Steering Group:

  • European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education – ECA
  • Vice President LRC Committee

The project fits in Nuffic’s focus to work on projects to streamline the recognition process.