CALOHEE (2015-2018)

Do students enrolled in higher education around Europe develop the competences they need? Are study programmes delivering their promises? Can we learn to compare student’s achievements in different countries in a meaningful way?

The EU funded project CALOHEE will help to find the answers to these questions by developing the infrastructure that will eventually make it possible to test bachelor and master students’ performance Europe-wide across a range of fields in a way that satisfies the needs of the various stakeholders in the European higher education community.

The project covers five subject areas, representing five significant academic domains: Engineering (Civil Engineering), Health Care (Nursing), Humanities (History), Natural Sciences (Physics) and Social Sciences (Education). The methodology to be developed should also be applicable for other fields of study.

The frameworks to be developed in these fields will use the same methodology, but they will be tailored to the characteristics of each domain or subject area, taking into account the diversity of missions, orientations and profiles of universities in Europe and their various degree programmes.

CALOHEE is a Feasibility Study initiated by the International Tuning Academy (TUNING Projects) in close cooperation with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and supported by the European Commission. ECA is as project partner participating in the combined meetings of the Advisory Board and Quality Assurance Board.

For more information see the CALOHEE project website.