AR-net (2018-2020)

The project is coordinated by Nuffic. ECA is a member of the Steering Group.

The Yerevan Communique from 2015 calls to make Automatic Recognition a reality by 2020. Therefore AR-net wishes to contribute to ‘de facto’ Automatic Recognition (AR) from four different angles:

1 – Experimenting with the implementation of AR in a number of ENIC-NARIC centres, resulting in recommendations;

2 – Produce a Policy Paper on the Portability of Recognition Decisions;

3 – Update and promote existing recognition tools: EAR-HEI, EAR (e)manuals and STREAM admissions platform;

4 – Strengthen the quality assurance of the ENIC-NARIC networks.

Project activities:

  • Review outcomes previous projects (ie PARADIGMS and IMPACT);
  • Desk research to collect any new developments in AR and examples of portability of recognition decisions;
  • Development of Blueprints and reports for the i) Analysis report of the 25 peer reviews, ii) Implementation of AR and iii) Policy paper on portability of recognition decisions;
  • Revision of the Standard & Guidelines and the EAR (e-)manual and the EAR-HEI manual/STREAM platform;
  • Explore the implementation of Automatic Recognition in two test rounds;
  • Enable 6 centres to undertake Peer Reviews;
  • Dissemination and Mainstreaming of results.
  • Two project meetings.

Target groups
ENIC-NARIC networks and centres, admissions officers, European HE policy makers, students.

The consortium consists of the following partners:

Core team:

  • Nuffic (coordinator)
  • NARIC Lithuania
  • NARIC Denmark
  • NARIC Portugal

Sub team:

  • NARIC Italy
  • NARIC Norway
  • NARIC Czech Republic
  • NARIC Ireland

Steering Group:

  • Vice-President LRC Committee
  • European University Association – EUA
  • European Consortium for Accreditation in higher education – ECA

The project fits in Nuffic’s focus to work on projects to streamline the recognition process.


Final outcomes of the project :