The aim of the Association is threefold:

  • to achieve mutual recognition of accreditation and quality assurance decisions and to enhance the conditions for such mutual recognition, especially for joint programmes;
  • to provide a platform for mutual learning and disseminating experiences with accreditation and accreditation-like practices;
  • to provide transparent information on quality and to facilitate the internationalisation of institutions and students.

The aims and the structure of ECA are defined in the ECA Statutes.

ECA consists of member agencies, a Board and Secretariat, two working groups, a Certification Group, Appeals Committee, Communications Committee and Financial Committee. The organisations participating in ECA meet annually in a plenary workshop. There are also two or three other ECA seminars organised in a given year.

The members of the Association decide each year on the annual membership contribution and approve the budget. The basic activities of the Association are funded from the contributions of its members. In order to fund specific activities, ECA may apply and receive financial support from other parties.