Aims and strategy

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. to achieve mutual recognition of accreditation and quality assurance decisions, to enhance the conditions for such mutual recognition, especially- for joint programmes;
  2. to provide a platform for mutual learning and disseminating experiences with accreditation and accreditation-like practises;
  3. to provide transparent information on quality; and
  4. to facilitate the internationalisation of institutions and students

and, furthermore, to perform any and all acts relating to the foregoing in the broadest sense.
To achieve the objectives of the Association the Members agree to undertake activities in Working Groups. The topics of these activities and their corresponding Working Groups are determined in the Annual Work Plan. The Annual Work Plan includes the dissemination of the work of the Association and the exchange of information with other organisations with the same objectives as the Association, both in and outside of Europe. The Association does not have the objective to make a profit. The Association cooperates with other relevant networks.  The strategy of the association is defined in the ECA strategic management plan.

To implement its strategy, ECA offers a range of direct and online services (Certificate for quality of internationalisation, Trainings, ECApedia, EEEP, QAzette, events and publications.