posted by Raúl Casado
on 08 April 2014



CNA Regional Meetings 2013: focus on Internationalisation

The presented document (in Spanish) is the outcome of Regional Meetings 2013 organised by the National Council for Accreditation of Colombia (CNA).


Memorias - Encuentros_regionales 2013From July through October 2013, the National Council for Accreditation of Colombia (CNA) in the framework of its activities to promote a culture of self-evaluation for the purpose of accreditation, organised its Regional Meetings (Encuentros Regionales).  The CNA Regional Meetings are opportunities for interaction between the Council and the academic community in the country to discuss and exchange on issues related to accreditation. The event was organised in 6 different regions and was targeted at all higher education institutions in the country. This year, the Council has designed a new format for the event. In addition to an interesting agenda and theme “The importance and quality of the process of internationalisation of higher education institutions in the context of accreditation”, 2013 Regional Meetings served as a stage for the presentation of selected Good Practices in Internationalisation (GPIs). A call for proposals was released in February 2013. The selection process was carried out in two stages: in the first instance the Technical Secretariat made a selection of 25 GPIs, according to the criteria specified in the call. Subsequently, these were shortlisted to the best 15 proposals: given the large number and the quality of practices received, it was decided to increase the final number from 12 to 15 GPIs.
Additionally, the Council has invited renowned experts (Maria José Lemaitre – CINDA, Chile;  Rafael Llavorí – ANECA, Spain; Patricia Pol, – AERES, France, Juan Ramón Nieto – SEP, Mexico; Hans de Wit – Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA), The Netherlands) in the field of quality of internationalisation of higher education, who did not only act as speakers but also actively participated in the discussions arising around the GPIs presented at each meeting.