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on 04 January 2017



ACSUCYL becomes new ECA member


ACSUCYL from the region Castilla y León in Spain was admitted as new member of ECA on 16 December 2016. ACSUCYL is the acronym of Agencia para la Calidad del Systema Universitario de Castilla y León. The Agency is the legal external assessment body for the university system in Castilla y León and is aimed at the assessment, accreditation and certification of quality at universities and research and higher education institutions in Castilla y León. In addition, ACSUCYL can also collaborate in the processes of assessment, accreditation and certification of universities and higher education institutions outside the Autonomous Region of Castilla y León in the context of the European Higher Education Area.

The activities of assessment, accreditation and certification developed by the Agency, aim at achieving the following general purposes:

a) To foster the improvement of teaching and research activity and management of universities and research and higher education institutions, encouraging the improvement of competitiveness and economic development of Castilla y León.

b) To provide adequate information about the university system to public administrations, the productive sector and society in general for making decisions in their areas of action.

The ACSUCYL´s mission is to ensure ongoing improvement in higher education and to provide information concerning the work it is conducting such that this may prove useful to all stakeholders.      ACSUCYL is included in EQAR and a full member of ENQA.

ECA welcomes ACSUCYL as its 18th member agency.


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